Green Coffee Anti-Cellulite Soap


Coconut oil, Green Coffee infused water, Hydroxide sodium, Meadowsweet extract, Hedera Helix Extract, Green Coffee infused Olive oil&Grapeseed oil, Essential oil Lemongrass, Glycerine, Poppy seeds, Rice powder, Cinnamon powder, Bentonite clay, Spirulina, Chlorella, Cornstarch, White Musk Fragrance oil.

92g +- 5%

Wet skin and massage Green Coffee soap to cellulite prone areas with firm circular movement. Leave for a few seconds and rinse with water. Best used twice a day.


Meadowsweet :

This delicate white-flowering herb contains flavonoids, tannins, salicylic acid, amongst many other potent compounds. Meadowsweet has strong anti-free radical activity which gives it great anti-ageing properties. This meadow herb is also anti-inflammatory, astringent and analgesic. It is frequently used in natural skincare.

Hedera Helix:

This plant has great anti-fungal, anthelmintic, molluscicidal, anti-mutagenic as well as cellulite control properties and is included in our Cellumend cream.

Topical applications of ivy-based products are indicated for use in anti-cellulite and weight loss preparations and their emollient and itch-relieving properties are indicated in the use of skincare products. REF 8

In folk remedies the ivy plant has become known as a herbal ingredient in cellulite and anti-fat remedies and treatments.

Green Coffee infused oil:

If you are a coffee lover then you definitely love the products that are made from coffee. Coffee is an excellent beauty aid, it is full of antioxidants and the caffeine in the coffee helps to increase the blood circulation that helps to treat cellulite, dark circles, tighten and brighten the skin. It also helps to promote hair growth, adding natural highlights and shine to your hair.

The caffeine helps reduce puffy and dark circles under the eye.

Tightens the skin giving you a youthful fresh glow.

Its anti-inflammatory properties is said to reduces redness in the skin and inflammation.

Said to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Known to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Fights free radicals thanks to the antioxidants contained in caffeine.

Rice powder:

Rice flour is a very fine flour, ground from white rice. When used in soaps the flour can help give a soft and silky exfoliation, adding a luxury touch to your products.

Rice flour has a chemical structure similar to ceramide, which increases collagen production to make skin more supple. Use pure rice flour mixed with mineral water into a paste and apply to the face and neck, rinsing off after 10 minutes or when the paste dries. You can also mix rice flour with other ingredients such as yogurt or even milk or honey and use in the same way.

Poppy seeds:

Commonly used in exfoliants and scrubs, Poppy Seeds are also a delightful visual addition to soaps. It is thought, to be a comforting home remedy for dry and itchy skin.

Lemongrass Essential oil:

Lemongrass may prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast and it has antioxidantproperties. It contains substances that are used to alleviate muscle pain, reduce fever, and to stimulate uterus and menstrual flow.

Lemongrass essential oil is a source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C. It also provides essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

Bentonite clay:

Bentonite clay, which is formed by the precipitate from the volcanic ashes, contains mineral such as potassium and calcium that can hlep in the removal of skin blemishes, eczema, celulitid, etc.

Cinnamon powder:

Cellulite is related to the accumulation of toxins in the body, and problems with eliminating them.

Cinnamon acts as a natural detox agent, helping the body remove all of those toxic substances that can eventually be harmful.

By removing those wastes and fluids, you also improve your circulation, another reason why cinnamon is great for helping reduce cellulite.



Coffee is naturally full of antioxidants and caffeine which assist the skin’s ability to heal, restore, firm and tighten. The caffeine in the coffee is said to reduce dark circles and puffiness of the under eye area as it is known for increasing blood circulation to give the skin a more rejuvenated and refreshed look.

Gently pat around eyes before going to bed or in the morning under the eye makeup to brighten your eyes.


Green Coffee bean infused olive oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Safflower oil, Vitamin-E, Lavender essential oil.



Safflower oil:

Cold pressed, organic safflower oil is proclaimed to be wondrous for some skin problems, particularly acne.
As it a good natural source of omega-6, it is less likely to form lumps or stick together. This tendency is owing to the fact that the molecules repel each other, thus making it more disposed to disperse and stay fluid.
Due to the antioxidant and soothing properties, removes fine wrinkles, helps wound healing and reduces inflammation.

Grapeseed oil:


Keeps skin supple by retaining moisture

Is non-comedogenic(does not block pores) an is useful in the treatment of acne

Absorbs readily into the skin


it’s a potent antioxidant that combats free radicals from UV rays by neutralizing its oxidizing effects.

it repairs traumatized skin cells, which restores collagen, fades age spots, and heals scarring.

When you wake up, the skin under your eyes will feel hydrated, supple, and restored. With use of Nature Made Vitamin E overtime, you will notice less fine lines and gradually less smile lines.

Green Coffee Beans:

Reduces Puffy eyes and dark circles – Caffeine, when applied topically to the skin, constricts the blood vessels under the skin and help reduce puffy eyes and also treat dark circles.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter is full of nutrients, including vitamin A, which has many healing properties and has been known to aid in treating blemishes, wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis, as well as burns and even stretch marks. Shea butter is also packed with antioxidants like vitamin E , as well as polyphenols and phytonutrients. These ingredients make shea butter an anti-inflammatory, which is why it works so well at moisturizing and soothing all types of skin

Cocoa Butter:

Antioxidants: Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants which help fight off free radicals damage to the skin. Free radicals can cause skin aging, dark patches, and even dull skin. Protecting your skin from free radical damage is a must if you want healthy and young looking skin.

Stretch Mark Reducer: There are many women who claim that the regular use of cocoa butter was what kept stretch marks away while they were pregnant. We’re not entire convinced anything can keep stretch marks away, you’ll find many anti-stretch mark cocoa butter products to choose from. In fact Palmers, a line devoted to cocoa butter has a product just for stretch marks. People also say that cocoa butter helps to heal scars.

Deep Hydration: Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids and hydrates the skin deeply making it a wonderful addition to body moisturizers and lip balms.

Sensitive Skin Healer: Again, no guarantees, but cocoa butter has been noted to help skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis.



Cold Process Soap

(Custom order soap)


Coconut oil, Water, Hydroxid sodium, Glycerine, Olive oil, Fragrance oil, Cornstarch, Foodgrade color.

30g +-5% / 1 pc.


Herbal Bath Tea

There comes a time in everyone’s life that stress invades and the search for some relief begins. There are, of course, numerous ways to bust stress – exercise, healthy food, time with friends, herbal medicine, and much more. A simple way to head that bit of muscle tightening emotion off at the pass is some stress busting herbal bath teas.

(Reusing Tea Bags)

Herbal Bath Tea- Rose


Epsom salt, Kaolin clay, Oatmeal, Rose petals, English rose fragrance oil.

Herbal Bath Tea- Lavender


Epsom salt, Kaolin clay, Oatmeal, Lavneder dryed, Lavender fragrance oil.

Herbal Bath Tea- Baby


Epsom salt, Kaolin clay, Coconut powder, Milk powder, Oatmeal, Calendula flowers, Chamomille flowers.

Using the Bath Teas

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Simply the hang the tea bag from the faucet and turn it on. As the tub fills the water will run through the herbs and fill that water with stress busting herbal power. Use the normal bath water temperature as preferred, no reason to make it hotter for a bath tea.


Carrot Calendula Bastille Soap

This baby soap is for little ones, and big ones, who want a super gentle soap.

To create this soap i used olive oil and coconut oil. The olive oil is a powerhouse of healing for the skin and the coconut oil gives this soap some beautiful lather.

I added calendula for even more healing powers. Calendula is great for healing rashes, scratches, chapped skin, insect bites, burns and damaged skin. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and is both antibacterial and antiviral. Carrots also have great healing properties.

Carrots are high in vitamin A and have anti-inflammatory abilities. To make this fantastic soap even better i used goat milk for the liquid. Goat milk has been used for centuries in soap for it’s ability to make a very gentle and healing soap. It just doesn’t get much better than this for baby skin.



Calendula infused Olive oil, Coconut oil, Carrot puree, Water, Hydroxide sodium, Goat milk, Castor oil, Calendula flower powder, Sodium Lactate, Paprika powder, Red oxide.

What is bastille? Bastille is a term affectionately coined by soapers for soap that is made with a high percentage of olive oil. Castille is 100% olive oil soap and bastille is soap made with 70% (or more) olive oil but contains other oils or butters.

Castille on its own is not very bubbly but if you add a bit of coconut oil and buttermilk you can boost the bubbles a bit but keep the mildness of the high olive oil content. Buttermilk contains sugar which helps boost the bubbles as well.

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